A Functional Introduction to Computer Science (Part I)

I have a complete draft of the first part of my flânerie A Functional Introduction To Computer Science (Part I) up. Like my other flâneries, it's based on courses I developed at the University of Waterloo, but is self-contained and freely available under a CC-by-SA 3.0 licence. It uses the Racket teaching languages. Comments welcome!


Thank you for doing this.

I'll take this moment to remind the community that you have made a whole set of wonderful flâneries:

List taken from Prabhakar Ragde's flâneries which has short descriptions.

Not all are related to Racket but many are - and all are highly recommended.



Thanks for your kind words, Stephen. LACI uses full Racket, as will Part II of FICS. FDS uses OCaml but doesn't assume any knowledge of it (I think it's actually a good way to learn OCaml). And "function" in FIMS means something rather different.

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