Accessing discourse list via nntp

I read the racket mailing lists via nntp via

Could the discourse lists be setup to at least allow reading via nntp (I think writing ends up being like writing to the maiuling list - ie the poster has to register their mailling address - but I accept that I might have missed something and accept this would be read only)


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Hi Mark,
Are you suggesting a non-person user is set up on discourse that emails posts to a specific address?

I can’t make any promises but if you could do the nntp side I could try set up the account.

Can you let me know what email address to use?

Best wishes


I don't need to do the nntp side - does it all for you.

The mailing list needs to be registered at

Looking at the questions they ask - I don't know what the mailling list software would be.

It doesn’t look like it is supported. I’ve done a search and this issue has come up a handful of times; plone in 2017; Julia in 2016. In all cases it seemed to dead end.

If you can identify a solution I’d be happy to try get it in place.

I did find out that Discourse supports RSS and JSON feeds;

Some nntp clients also support RSS (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) so maybe that is an option for the client you use?

If you are using Emacs you could use Elfeed:

The addresses are;

I believe you can also track topics (posts and replies), categories, and tags by adding .json or .rss to the end of the URL:

I'm sorry I don't have a better answer right now.

Best wishes,


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To inspect

#lang racket/base
(require net/url json)
 (string->url "")
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Nice! That's going above and beyond.