Advent of Code 2021 Racket leaderboard


The Advent of Code usually attracts quite a few people.

If you want to join in the Racket leaderboard key is: 22197-a7a01707.

raco aoc command for fetching/submitting to Advent of Code: eutro/advent-of-code-racket

Any language in the Racket ecosystem is fine. (Including languages that target other platforms like Urlang and RacketScript.) Edit: some suggestions: Rosette(sudoku example), Racklog, Typed Racket. Or maybe write your own or your own language on Racket, or use Sham to target another platform.

PS thanks to @SamPhillips for creating the Racket leaderboard.


Thanks - last year was my first Advent of Code, and I had a blast :slight_smile: Looking forward to this year's.


Thanks to @Eutro on discord there is a raco tool for Advent of Code:

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AOC is soon now

discussion here on discourse is fine, maybe use the tag #advent-of-code

There is usually discussion on slack and discord in the dedicated channels:

  • #advent-of-code channel on Racket Slack
  • #advent-of-code channel on Racket discord

it has started. Catch up with the activity on Racket Discord

The Advent of Code has been amazing this year with more participants doing more questions than ever before.

Even if you are not participating the discussions on both Racket Slack and Discord are great.