Anyone knows how to insert a line graph in a pollen document?

I use Pollen to make my website. I'm now trying to create more complex documents that require me to add some line graphs. I know that one can insert runtime generated images inside scribble documents but I haven't seen any example of doing a graph inside a pollen document. Anyone has some sample code handy? Thanks in advance.


See an example at

It's a directed graph diagram, not a line graph. That being said, the principle is the same.

  • Convert your graph into a bitmap.

  • Save it to a file.

  • Create a tag that references the file path.

Also see if you want to make it a bit more advanced.

FWIW, the Pollen discussion forum is at I don't know how many Pollen users are in this Discourse.



Thanks a lot for the help. You've pointed me in the correct direction and I could finally create the blog post I wanted with charts and other niceties. I documented a bit of the journey in another post.