[BSL] Would it be considered bad practice to name custom function with the same pattern as selectors?

I'm reading How to Design Programs.
This question is about the Beginning Student Language.

Doing the exercise of the Graphical Editor, we define an structure like this:

(define-struct editor [pre post])

Which implies the following selectors:

  • editor-pre
  • editor-post

So I was attempting to do the exersice 87 where basically we have to repeat the development of the graphical editor.

The new structure is:

(define-struct editor [text cursor])

So we don't have in this case the selectors editor-pre and editor-post, so I could create a function called editor-pre if I want (which is the case :smiley: ).

But I'm wondering if that is bad practice, making it more difficult future extensions to the editor structure, i.e. I couldn't rewrite it easily like:

(define-struct editor [text cursor pre])

(For whatever reason).

The point of the exercise is to understand how different choices of data representation affect your programming. Changing the data representation (struct plus interpretation) would defeat the goal.