CS ≠ BC for call-with-values

Running the following program with DrRacket BC gives other results than DrRacket CS.
Can someone tell me why? Is the difference intended? Thanks.

#lang racket/base 
; version 8.6 ; windows 10 enterprise
; runs differently on BC and CS.

(struct function (f)
 #:inspector (make-sibling-inspector)
 #:constructor-name make-function
 #:property prop:procedure 0)

(define-syntax-rule (catch expr)
    (λ (exn)
      (exn-message exn)))))

(define namespace (make-base-namespace))

(define call/wv
  (λ () (writeln 'schapen))

(define (tag x) (printf "~n~s~n" x))
(define (thunk) (values 1 2 3))

(tag 'aap) ; ok in both CS and BC
(call/wv thunk list)

(tag 'noot) ; exception in CS, ok in BC
(catch (call/wv thunk (make-function list)))

(tag 'mies) ; exception in CS, ok in BC
(catch (call/wv (make-function thunk) list))

(tag 'wim) ; exception in CS, ok in BC
(catch (call/wv (make-function thunk) (make-function list)))

(tag 'zus) ; #f in CS, #t in BC
(eq? call-with-values call/wv)

This looks like a bug in Racket CS. Note that replacing the definition of call/wv with (eval 'call-with-values namespace) makes the problem go away.

Thanks for the prompt answer.

I've pushed a repair for the next version.

That's rapid, Matthew, thanks.