How to get last inserted row id in SQLite3?

Simple question: how can I get the (last) inserted row id using SQLite3 with Racket and the db module/package (whatever it is called)?

In SQLite3 there's the sqlite3_last_insert_rowid function. Is there any equivalent in Racket?

...or is there a different solution to the following transaction problem:

  insert a new row
  get the inserted row id
  insert another row, using the inserted row id
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Hi, @Tomek.

Is this what you mean?

#lang racket

(require db)

(define conn
   #:database 'temporary
   #:mode     'create))

(query-exec conn
            "CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE the_numbers (n NUMBER, d TEXT)")

(query conn
       "INSERT INTO the_numbers VALUES (3, 'a crowd')")

; => (simple-result '((insert-id . 1) (affected-rows . 1)))

Found here: query.


Yes, I believe that's it.


I'm new to Racket, and I'm still evaluating it (comparing mostly to Python and C). Documentation is vast, and I'm still learning how to read it.

I'm glad.

For what it's worth, I came from Python/Java to Racket, and I also felt overwhelmed at first, but as you say the documentation is vast, and contains many a shiny pearl.

Happy reading!

Since SQLite 3.35, you can also use RETURNING: like

INSERT INTO the_numbers (n, d) VALUES (12, 'a dozen') RETURNING rowid;