Info.rkt and multiple (custom?) licenses

I'm working on a very simple emoji lookup utility in Racket, and it looks like I'm going to include's emoji-test.txt, which has its own license, distinct from the license of my code. I have two questions:

  1. How to specify additional licenses in info.rkt? Or should I only specify the "main" license of the package, and mention auxiliary licenses elsewhere?
  2. How to specify a license not included in the SPDX License List? The list contains Unicode License Agreement - Data Files and Software (2016) license, but that seems to be different from the current one, which specifies 2022 instead of 2016... :confused:
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  1. You can use AND in the SPDX format. See here for an example: r6rs/info.rkt at master · racket/r6rs · GitHub

  2. I think that Unicode license identifier is the right thing. The only thing that's changed is the copyright year.

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Thanks. Going to use that format and include both licenses along with the package.