Is there plans for improving the performance of the generated code from the racket compiler?


Hope all is well.

I am just curious if the racket core team has plans to making the generated code from the racket compiler faster. In a recent benchmark Racket vs Lisp SBCL - Which programs are fastest?, racket is faster than lisp (sbcl) three times.

I am aware that benchmarks do not mean anything but im just curious if racket will be faster in the future.


I just took a quick look at the SBCL benchmarks, it looks like SBCL supports compiler directives that disable safety checks. While I think it would in principle be possible to add unsafe uses of the ffi library to simulate something like this, I'm not sure this kind of race-to-the-bottom is necessarily a good use of anyone's time. Just my two cents, of course.

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Racket also supports compiler directives to disable safety checks, although they may disable fewer checks than SBCL.

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