Looking for a tutor

I have an exam on DrRacket, but I'm not understanding nothing.
Can someone help me, please?
I have past paper with solutions

Hi, @Shasvi. Welcome!

With what are you having trouble when using DrRacket; is the UI confusing, is this your first time programming (or in a lisp/scheme dialect)?

You mention that you're writing an exam, and that you have a paper from a previous one. Did your instructor provide any other texts to help explain the material?

yes, it is my first time programming ever.
I have past papers with solutions and slides.
I'm looking for someone who can explain the basis and the solutions of the past papers.

Are you following a book? Which one?

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For beginners, a supplement or alternative to books/lecture notes is the excellent online video course How to Code.The first two modules ("Beginning Student Language" and "How to Design Functions") can be worked in about 15 hours.