Macros generating phase-0 parametric units

A few days ago I first found out about units and it seemed kind of nice. If I understand the motivation for units correctly I have been solving the same problem so far using closures

(define (pseudo-unit param1 param2) 
  (define (a-funtion) ...)
  (define (another-function param) ...)
  (define internal-state ...)
  (values a-function another-function))

And this has been working ok but to be honest I would prefer it if my pseudo-unit were a macro so that I could access param1 and param2 at phase 0 if they are available at the call-site. I found, however, that is a bit too much bookkeeping using define-syntax and syntax-parse (which is the only part of racket macrology that I half-way understand).

I was looking for advice on what might be a good way to approach this. Maybe this is a good time to get out of my comfort zone with respect to macros trying to get a better solution this?

I'm not totally sure what you mean by "access param1 at the call site". Can you give an example?