Multiple bibliographies in a scribble document

I am writing a scribble document for a class I am teaching and am including references. The document is rather long and I would like the references to appear in the sections where they are referred to. Thus there will be multiple bibliographies. Currently I am using a single refs.rkt file, and have multiple calls to generate-bibliography with different section titles. When compiling with raco I get warnings about "key multiple times". It doesn't seem to interfere with the export and I am ignoring it for now, but I would like to know:

  1. How can I get rid of the warnings?
  2. Is there a recommended workflow for having section bibliographies rather than a single bibliography for an entire document?

I have not tired this myself, but are you already using the #:tag argument to generate-bibliography to specify different link tags? If so, what keys get defined multiple times?

I was not using the #:tag argument only #:sec-title. Using #:tag removes the warnings.