Overscroll in DrRacket

One of my students showed me "overscroll" in VSCode recently, and it seems like a nice feature. Specifically, it allows you to scroll an editor window down until the bottom line of the buffer is about halfway up the screen. This avoids having to put a bunch of newlines at the bottom of a buffer to achieve the same effect. I've also been frustrated recently by type errors that sometimes pop up and down, moving or hiding the text that I'm working on.

Is this a feature that others think is worth working on?


FWIW, vim has this too (e.g., Gzz to put the bottom line in the middle).

The allow-scroll-to-last method of editor-canvas% may be relevant:


That old experiment probably isn't quite what you want, but it might suggest an implementation approach.


Yes, absolutely! Many thanks.

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