Package seems not to be updated


the package server seems to be stuck, not updating the package. The package name stayed the same, however it points to a git repository that was renamed to make the case consistent with the package name.

Can somebody look into what is happening?

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I pushed some new commits to my splitflap package 4 days ago and apparently people still aren’t seeing any updates. @samth or @mflatt is there something up with the package server again?

There was a problem, but it's been fixed. Splitflap seems updated: splitflap

It still isn't updating, maybe it is somehow similar to this issue (mentioned by @countvajhula):

However the package name wasn't changed, instead the case of the git repository has changed.
Maybe there is some problem where there is a mixture of some kind of case-insensitive part and another that is case-sensitive?
Does the build environment start from a cleaned-up state or is there a lowercase "qi-quickscripts" folder hanging around somewhere that somehow prevents the uppercase version from being build, or something similar?

I don't really understand the details.

Perhaps it's because of The checksum doesn't change, right? A fake empty commit is worth trying.

It looks updated to me. Both the repository and the pkg server agree that the checksum is 6eea8599e2fa9.

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Hmm the docs now look update to me, maybe that was actually a browser cache issue, maybe I have forgotten to force reload. The package says it last updated yesterday.

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Maybe, but I also pushed a commit, I don't really have good data about what happened when and now it just works. Maybe it just looked as if it hadn't been updated, if my browser showed me a cached version, I am not sure now.

Necro bump.

majordomo2 is stuck at commit 1ae638f7c55afc08fb7afbd36836b0c4dc3ec00f although current is e09f7aad66c6bed898dc7b1c4b9a14f4cc2dc8e7. I did multiple 'rescan all my packages' yesterday and another today without success. Is there anything I can do beyond that?

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I fixed this again. Messaging me on Slack or Discord is more likely to get my attention quickly if this happens.


Thanks, Sam. I'll keep that in mind for next time -- I haven't been on either but I'll look for them.