Plot module: how to enlarge thickness of axes?

Hi everybody,
I'm new in the racket and my first question: how to enlarge the thickness of axes? I prepared the plot for the scientific paper but the axes are very tiny! I did not find info about this in the documentation of Plot module. Maybe there is a trick?


The parameter is called plot-line-width, but it looks like it is not in the documentation,


#lang racket
(require plot)
(plot-line-width 5)
(plot (function values 0 1))


Thank you very much, but it is really not in the documentation.

Looks like... you already added it to the documentation? Many thanks!

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Here is where it was added

Not showing up yet but should when the package rebuilds:

Sorry, should have made it clear: I see the change already in my local docs. It appears to me that the online docs are updated only on a new release, so I don't expect to see them there until after the 8.4 release.

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Yes, I added the parameter to the documentation and also added it to the release branch so it will be in 8.4. The plot-line-width parameter was added to the plot package a long time ago, and I suspect the missing documentation was a simple omission, since other parameters which affect the plot as a whole are already documented.