Racket meet-up Saturday 4 Feb at 18:00 UTC :racket:

Racket meet-up Saturday 4 Feb at 18:00 UTC :racket:

At this meet-up:

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In the 'Racket Room': https://gather.town/app/wH1EDG3McffLjrs0/racket-users

Racket meet-ups are on the first Saturday of EVERY Month at 18:00 UTC

30 minutes but can overrun (it usually lasts ~1hr)

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The meet-up starts soon! It is a great place to #show-and-tell
Join us in the ‘Racket Room': Gather

All welcome

Brief summary of meet-up;

I also noted the cookbooks project (Racket-Cookbooks · GitHub) but don’t get time to talk before I had to go again.

I’ll have to rely on the many other attendees to complete this update…

See you next time