RacketCon 2022: COVID-19 policy

There was a question in Discord whether RacketCon 2022 has a COVID-19 policy. The short answer is: yes. In detail: The event will take place under the policy in place at our venue, Brown University. Please take a look at that page. It is pretty compact and only takes a moment or two to read. As we all know, the pandemic is not a static thing, so it is possible that Brown's COVID policy may change by late October when RacketCon rolls around. My suggestion is to take a quick look at the policy page when you have a moment, and then once again shortly before coming to Providence. Once you're on campus, you'll be governed by that policy. Remember that we'll be guests of the university.

(Hotels and other lodgings have have their own COVID policies. Please check separately with your hotel [or wherever you're staying] for up-to-date information.)

Stay safe,