RacketCon 2022: Friday afternoon hackathon planning

Greetings RacketCon 2022 participant! (Wait, you haven't registered yet? Just go here to register! That way, the rest of this message will make sense.)

This year, we're going to have Friday afternoon available to us for hackathons, tutorials, an open space, etc. The intent is to not insist on a certain agenda; rather, participants themselves will take the lead. I have taken the list of people who have so far registered for RacketCon and invited them to participate in a very short poll (there's only one question). You should have received a separate email from me about it (from Loomio). I took the list of people who have registered as of August 1, 2022, and sent out the poll email. If you register after August 1, that's fine -- I'll periodically invite newly registered participants to the poll.

What we're looking for is: (1) a list of topics that you want to get involved in, and (2) a list of people who are are willing & able to support a discussion on that topic. (It's not necessarily a showstopper if a bunch of people are interested in something, but no one raises his/her hand to help organize the discussion about it.)

The poll will be running until September 15, 2022. The earlier we can get feedback about what people are interested in, the better! It's just a single question and should take perhaps one minute.

If you have any questions about Friday afternoon, please use this thread.

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