RacketCon update

Just a couple more weeks to go till RacketCon! I'm happy to report that we've got our schedule all lined up. Take a look at the RacketCon homepage to see it all. I think we're going to have a great time and learn a lot.


Don't have a ticket yet? Just scroll down to the Registration section of the RacketCon homepage and follow the link. It costs $25. If you'd like to join the official conference dinner on Saturday evening, it's another $35 on top. (The conference dinner option shows up on the second page of the ticket checkout form.)

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Everyone: very pleased to inform you that we have LIVE STREAMING for RacketCon. The live webcasts can be accessed via the following short links:

Saturday 29-Oct-22 RacketCon Day 1

Sunday 30-Oct-22 RacketCon Day 2

Live Webcast has been scheduled for RacketCon on Saturday 10/29/22 from 8:45AM - 5:30PM and Sunday 10/30/22 from 8:45AM - 3:00PM (all times US/Eastern).

(Copied from announcement by Shriram on discord)


Register NOW if you plan to come to RacketCon!

We cannot handle same-day registration and can’t create new space.

Today is the day!


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The registration form has just been reopened - please try again if you got a sold out status before.


We have reopened registration for another 24 hours or so. However: it is going to be very difficult to add more dinner slots at this point. So please try to avoid registering for dinner (unless you're a speaker).

What about adding the links to https://con.racket-lang.org/ ? That would be great! :slight_smile:

The video links don't work anymore :frowning:

I think they have been disabled as some personal information - spoken between sessions - was recorded.

I’m hoping to download and start editing tonight.

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