Release Announcement for v8.8

The release announcement sketch that I have so far is below.  Please
respond with new items and/or edits.

Please phrase announcements using complete sentences and avoid the
word "now".

  • The dependent contract form, ->i, supports a #:param element that
    specifies dependencies for parameter values that are set during the
    dynamic extent of the function call.

  • The copy-file library function supports permission-management

  • Pressing <SHIFT>-return in DrRacket's interactions window makes
    it easier to edit and enter expressions without sending them
    to be evaluated.

  • The numeric comparison operators (<, >=, etc.) require at least
    two arguments in the "How To Design Programs" teaching languages.

  • Redex has better typesetting when customized renders are used
    in certain multi-line situations.

  • We have fixed many bugs, and written lots of documentation.

Assuming Does Racket 8.x actually work properly on Windows 7 ? · Issue #4542 · racket/racket · GitHub has been fixed in this release (it looks like it has, in 4ee7dee8a9439c9fae71d9be0766d7ee651804f5 of racket/libs); I think this should be mentioned explicitly, perhaps a wording such as:

"Fixed a bug preventing DrRacket to start up on Windows 7 machines"?


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That fix is not in the release; @mflatt felt that it was late to make a change that's hard to get enough testing for.

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Is some key combination missing before -return? Is it this one?

Yep, that was a pasting error: pasting the text <SHIFT>-return into discourse gets rendered as -return. I've fixed that now, by adding backslashes before the angle-brackets, many thanks.