Rename the category `dev`

The category dev looks out of place on the front page.

It does. I saw that, too. Would you prefer "Dev"?

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Perhaps it could be called Internals to match the channel name on Discord for discussions on Racket core development.

I've corrected the capitalisation to match the description


It does. I saw that, too. Would you prefer "Dev"?

It still sticks out as the only abbreviation.
But I don't find "Development" much better - it is too vague.


Perhaps it could be called Internals ...

I think that's better than the current name.

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WRT naming I find it informative looking at what other communities do. i.e. ‘What does good look like’.

I’ve compiled a list but I’ve not had time to review what the R, Elixir, or Haskell communities do:

Thanks for the reminder. Here are the closest matching categories in other language Discourse instances:

This suggests that to me that if you're going to have a category for core development, Internals is a reasonable name choice across language communities.

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Sounds ... well, I still have one question. Do you think that release mechanics (currently the only posts that actually appear in dev) are well-described by "Internals"? I guess I'm thinking of "hey everyone that helps to maintain the internals," rather than "this is about the internals." But maybe we should change it anyway?

To me personally, an Internals category is meant more for low-level discussion of day-to-day core development.

A Racket release should be of broad interest to everyone (I would think), so I would a more general category like Announcements is a better fit for that.

That is a very useful chart. It should perhaps be placed somewhere more permanent that Google docs.

-- hendrik

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Ah actually, I misread your question when writing my earlier reply. :sweat_smile:

For the release mechanics threads, those do seem like a good fit for the Internals / Dev category, since they are a discussion among core developers / maintainers to help get the release ready to go.

The actual release announcement threads are the ones that should be of general interest, and so they make sense to have in the Announcements category (where they already appear).

Effectively, I think all the release threads are going to sensible places currently (in my opinion), and there categories would continue to make sense to me even after renaming Dev to Internals. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, I'm sold. Changing the name.

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