Rhombus-in-the-rough: A 2D RPG implemented in the Rhombus Racket dialect

A Rhombus in the Rough: Adventure Awaits!

This is a small libre RPG game built using the experimental Rhombus dialect of the scheme/lisp-based Racket programming language & Raylib, licensed under AGPLv3+.


Kiran Gopinathan (via Reddit r/ProgrammingLanguages):

Rhombus is an experimental new language being developed by the Racket team which shifts away from lisp's traditional s-expressions to an indentation based syntax --- in contrast to other whitespace based lisps, indentation isn't used simply as a replacement for parenthesis, and instead Rhombus code (and macros) operate over a richer representation than S-expressions that it calls shrubbery.

While most Rhombus code that has been written so far is of an academic nature, this project represents the use of Rhombus for a more realistic project, and showcases the macro system to implement a number of DSLs --- an overview is given in the readme.

Video of presentation at Rhombus meet-up: Rhombus meeting with Kiran Gopinathan, May 25, 2023 - YouTube

Interested in Rhombus? Start with the project README at: https://github.com/racket/rhombus-prototype

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