Running a selected set of check-expect settings

How can I check only one single check-expect or a selection of those in DrRacket?

All I know to do now is to run the whole file and review the reports from all check-expects, but having half-baked wish functions, it could be cumbersome, so I have to comment all the check-expects I'm not interested in a given moment.

When you enter your “half baked” check-expects comment them out. When you work on the functions, remove the “;”.

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@jgomo3 Regarding comments, you can also use #| ... |# to comment out several lines at once, and you can use #; to comment an s-expression.

See 1.3 The Reader in the Racket Reference.

I don't know to which extent these approaches work in the student languages (that you referred to in another discussion topic, so that may be relevant for you).


Nice. It works in the BSL, thank you!