Scribble as Preprocessor throwing an error

I'm trying to use #lang scribble/text but I get this error when trying to process the document:

scribble --text test.scrbl #or scribble test.scrbl
dynamic-require: name is not provided
  name: 'doc
  module: #<resolved-module-path:"/Users/.../test.scrbl">
   .../private/map.rkt:40:19: loop
   body of "/Applications/Racket v8.3/share/pkgs/scribble-lib/scribble/run.rkt"

My document (test.scrbl) includes #lang scribble/text as the first line and it's inconsecuential whether there is any additional content in the file or not.

I'm using Racket v8.3 [cs] in macOS Big Sur (11.6.2) installed through Homebrew

Am I doing something incorrectly or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance


TL;DR: the scribble/text language is probably not what you want.

As I understand it, scribble/text is not designed for generating documents; instead, it's set up so that racket can require this file, and the output is generated.

So, for instance, if you create the file called foo.scrbl, containing this content:

#lang scribble/text


and, at the command line, run

racket foo.scrbl

you will see abcd as the output.

Again, though, if you're trying to generate a document, scribble/text is probably not the language you want.

EDIT: sorry, a bunch of typos. Fixed now.

Yes that works
Thank you!