Splitflap library for Atom/RSS feeds ā€” 1.0

I updated this library from beta/0.9 to 1.0 over the weekend:


I incorporated a lot of changes based on feedback from folks in the original Google groups announcement and elsewhere:

  • Add support for XSLT stylesheets
  • Remove web-server dependency and build MIME types table directly from source
  • Use delay/sync for promises to keep them thread-safe
  • Fixed and generalized HTML entity encoding (thanks @LiberalArtist for helping with this!)
  • Ensure strings that go inside CDATA have the magic closing string "]]>" escaped
  • Accept any/c for boolean arguments
  • Moved almost all contract boundaries out from functions to module edges
    • (Iā€™m still not sure whether to attempt this for generic functions like express-xml where the contracts differ depending on the struct type)