Swindle (CLOS for Racket)

Yesterday at the ‘Racket Hackathon/Open Space’, participants worked to add examples to the documentation (thank you all😁).

Swindle has been around for a long time and I have often pointed new users who have asked about CLOS towards it. (@jesse mentioned recently on discord that it was one of the earliest things he explored with Racket, coming from a Common Lisp background)

Swindle extends Racket with many additional features. The main feature that started this project is a CLOS-like object system based on Tiny-CLOS from Xerox, but there is a lot more.

(quote from https://docs.racket-lang.org/swindle/index.html)

I recently noticed that #lang swindle needed some TLC (maintenance).

I’ve made a couple of PR’s to tidy up Swindle: https://github.com/racket/swindle/pulls.

Is anyone up for helping by reviewing http://old.barzilay.org/Swindle/index.html and porting anything missing into the package at https://github.com/racket/swindle ?

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