The red white blue banner with links is an eyesore especially in dark mode

If it would only show me certain links once and never show me those again, if I already clicked on them,
then it would be acceptable for me, because then it would just be temporary.

But instead it seems to be permanent and always just showing some other random link (that I am already well aware of).

If this banner is kept, I think it should be changed so that it is less aggressive.
When reading a topic in dark mode it is hard to focus on the actual post because the banner demands attention as soon as it hits your peripheral vision.

For temporary, time sensitive notifications that would be okay.
But not for notifications which are "old news" to me and I just can't get rid of.

I haven't looked yet whether there is a user setting to disable it.
My personal reaction to this thing is more likely to be to just block it with some browser plugin, but then I also won't see it in case it has some link that is useful to me in the future.

I think demanding too much attention, has the opposite effect that it will get blocked and get none and thus not be useful.
And when making changes like these, please also evaluate them in dark mode.


I picked the colors of the racket logo and in general more muted colors, with that I get a banner that is already way more pleasant to look at and not so agressive:

.h-creative .container {
  background: linear-gradient(90deg, #9d1f24 46%, #b0b0b0 63%, #3f5da7 80%);
.h-creative .big {
  color: #d7d7d7;

But I still think it does not fit nicely into the flow of the page.
It still seems out of place and personally I think it is unnecessary, there are already so many ways to find links to the same information.

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Thank you for the feedback.

How do you get this banner in the first place? I don't see it here (neither in Firefox or Chrome). Does the banner appear in all views (i.e. what's displayed on the start page) or only in certain views?

Maybe there's a (personal and/or site-wide) configuration setting for this. It could be either explicit for the banner, or it could be a setting that causes the banner to disappear as a side effect.

It was an experiment. The banner is removed.