Using client-side javascript in the Racket webserver?

How are you generating responses generally?

With xexprs, you can embed JS in attributes by just making a string, such as

(input ([class "player-initiative-input"]
        [type "text"]
        [inputmode "numeric"]
        [value ,(~a (player-initiative p))]
         "for (element of
document.querySelectorAll(\".player-initiative-input\")) { if (element
!== this) { element.disabled = true; } }"]))

I think you can also embed cdata structs via make-cdata in an
xexpr that is translated by response/xexpr and friends as "just the
string I meant, no translations."

But I find it convenient to serve the JS as a static file and then
include the right metadata via a script tag. Search for "static" in