Very interesting racket research papers

Here are some papers I read today that I found fascinating:

macros for dsls

migratory typing: 10 years later

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Thanks for this.

Can you elaborate on why you found each paper fascinating?

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I just found this: Mail Merge as a First Programming Language (1993)

I'm so glad we have the student languages.


For example, the paper "Macros for DSLs" show you how you can build language using macros; so you can extend the racket language by using macros and these new mini languages become a construct just like any other built in construct in racket. But the unique thing about the technique that was showed in this paper is this. Racket allows you to build macros that inherit the extensibility of the host (i.e., racket) language. As a result the new language you create with Racket macros will have the same extensibility power as the same power of racket. Also, it gives a concrete example that illustrates that macros are essentially mini compilers consisting of a frontend, optimizer, and generator just like a traditional compiler. I think it is a great paper. I did not master the paper but I am going to read it again. People should definitely read this paper.