Vim-racket: improved indentexpr

Been working on an improved indentexpr for vim-racket; if anyone is interesting in helping me dogfood it, please LMK and I'll clean it up and push a branch. Vim 9+ required.

Current improvements: handles {} and #<<herestrings correctly; indents (foo\nbar) correctly (b under f instead of under o ). Current issues: speed when reindenting whole files (small functions have been fine so far). I've one last "trick" to port from the C source for get_lisp_indent to try to speed things up which effectively uses the buffer contents like a cache; this should solve the speed problems.


Are there any plans regarding Neovim support?

For me personally, it's not very important. I'm set with the plugin version I currently have, but it wouldn't be nice if I updated and the whole plugin stopped working.

I don't plan on doing anything special for NeoVim (like using Lua), but I should be able to add a guard to only use the vim9 indentexpr if vim9script is available (so you can keep updating).

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Yes, that would be fine with me. Thanks! :slight_smile: