What have you done with Racket this year?

What have you done with Racket this year?

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We're proud to be a small part of the amazing things made with Racket in 2022 & looking forward to more in 2023!

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Uses gui-easy and optionally the FFI capabilities of Racket to quickly make a mathematical design.

Quick conclusion: a for loop in Racket feels fast like C code. No timings were done.


My biggest Racket project of 2022 was GitHub - benknoble/frosthaven-manager: GUI Frosthaven Scenario Manager, which even includes some language-oriented programming (DSLs for describing game scenarios; still WIP). Other notable features: GUI via gui-easy; heavy Qi use; download-and-run for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Docs online at Frosthaven Manager.

Big kudos to gui-easy and Qi library authors, and everyone else in Discord who answered my incessant questions.


I wrote a parser for microformats, which many websites use to mark up their HTML with machine-readable metadata like author, date posted, etc. It's passing all but a couple of edge-case tests in the official suite, which I'm proud of!


I made a space invaders clone using the sketching #lang early last year with the intention of making it into a tutorial, but I didn't finish it. I figure I might as well post the code at this point.

The commits in the repo build the game up incrementally, which is how the chapters would have went. It should be pretty straightforward to follow along. Check it out if you want a fun way to try out sketching, which is already a really fun #lang btw.