Which class can i use instead of label to show list and how can order DrRacket to close the previous window after the next one opens?

Hi,i am in the midst of creating a graphical user interface of a story i created,i have this long script ,which is why i stored in a list,so i dont have to paste a long script into the function.I tried to call the list into msgs but label does not accept lists,which class will allow me to input this kind of data,and here is my list which i want to attach to this msgs function

(define chapter1-choice1-script '( "The wind howls, the raven’s shriek, the fog blows—something is
afoot, and t’was something terrible indeed. As the fog began to
clear, Sir Skelenbottom found his dear half-brother’s deceased
corpse amongst their very manor. The victim in question was none
other than Sir Skelentop of Ardenvald, and you, the new
detective, are going to solve the case behind his sudden murder.
Best of luck and wishes to you, young blood--may you choose the
path to justice you deem most appropriate...
You arrive to the outskirts of Skelen Manor and approach the
commanding officer for a debriefing.
Good evening, Detective... Faren, I’ll be your superior for this
operation, codename Crow.
Sorry if the call to action was sudden, you were the only
detective around town when the tragedy happened.”
He does not look sorry at all.
As you already know, the Sir of Ardenvald, Skelentop, has been
murdered. All we found on his body were his wallet containing a
small photograph of what appears to be his lover, and a butter
knife found within the inside of his right boot, I know...
You’re overwhelmed by the seemingly confusing information; you
haven’t done much detective work—even worse something of this
The only witness in the Manor, his half-brother Sir
Skelenbottom, hasn’t been able to give a statement yet. He is...
rightfully traumatized, you see.
We hope that you and your smooth talking can, well, talk some
sense into him to share more information, so please, go forth
into Skelen Manor and do what you’ve got to do, no one will get
in your way, Detective Faren. Crime scene’s all yours" ))

(define msgs (new message% [parent frames]
[label chapter1-choice1-script]))

i get this error message

instantiate: no argument for required init variable
init variable name: label
instantiated class name: message%

You could use a text-field% it allows label to be #f, you can use its init-value to provide initial (multiline) text. Take a look at string-join. If you want to you can use its enable with #f to prevent the user from editing the text. Try to use style with '(multiple).

I have no idea how you are opening the windows, so I can't really tell you how to close some previous window. If it is a frame and you have a variable that refers to it e.g. previous-frame, you can use (send previous-frame show #f) to close it.