About the Distro Packagers category

The Distro Packages category is intended for people who package the Racket implementation for GNU/Linux distributions, the BSDs, Homebrew, Flatpak, and other downstream package managers.

These are package managers you could use to install Racket itself, in contrast to Racket packages in the sense of raco pkg.

This category is primarily intended for people who develop distro packages: without setting an absolute rule, questions from people who use Racket via a distro package are probably a better fit for Questions & Answers - Racket Discourse (where hopefully there will be a larger pool of people who can help you!).

The Distro Packagers category should be useful for discussing issues common to many distros, such as building Racket with system libraries from the distro, configuration for less common architectures the distro supports, and bootstrapping Racket from source. It may also be useful as a way for Racket leadership to communicate with distro packagers about potential changes, as in: