Proposal: "Distro Packagers" category

I'd like to propose creating a Discourse category for "Distro Packagers" (or "Distro Package Maintainers"? bikesheding welcome). My understanding from Create a category in Discourse - admins - Discourse Meta is that categories (by default) can only be created by admin users, which is why I'm asking. I have only a superficial understanding of the pros and cons of Discourse "categories" vs. "tags": the main advantage of a category seems to be that it's more discoverable.

I like the word "distro" as defined by PEP 668 – Marking Python base environments as “externally managed” | to encompass GNU/Linux distributions, the BSDs, Homebrew, Flatpak, and other downstream distributors of software that might package Racket.

At least one or two other distro packagers have thought it would be useful to have a communication channel like this. Occasionally there are topics particularly relevant to distro packagers, especially when we exercise certain corners of the build system, as in this topic:

I'd suggest starting the topic with a thread for distro packagers to introduce ourselves. I also anticipate having a more specific question relatively soon.


@spdegabrielle, I think I'd mentioned this to you at one point.

It looks like categories can have hierarchy: it might or might not make sense to make "Distro Packagers" a child of "Internals".

Thank you!
This is a brilliant idea!

Can you make a welcome post to replace the placeholder?

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