Adding a new `raco` command - path configuration

Hi All,

In an attempt to make the Racket package pyffi easier to configure, I added a raco command,
so users can write raco pyffi configure to start a configuration tool.

Now, I have tested this on my own machine and on Github Actions, but after putting pyffi on the package server, I have become aware of a configuration problem (for at least macOS users).

The error report is:

~ raco pyffi configure
open-input-file: cannot open module file
module path: pyffi/configure-pyffi
path: /Users/racketlover/Library/Racket/8.2/pkgs/pyffi/configure-pyffi.rkt
system error: no such file or directory; rkt_err=3

The problem is that the file configure-pyffi.rkt is in pyffi/pyffi-lib/pyffi/configure-pyffi.rkt.
Now the info.rkt [1] file in the same folder contains:

(define raco-commands
  (list (list "pyffi" 'pyffi/configure-pyffi "configure pyffi" #f)))

The commands that work on Github Actions [2] are:

raco pkg install --scope installation pyffi-lib
raco pyffi configure

An attept of changing the path made the build on Github Action fail.

Should the file configure-pyffi.rkt be moved? If so where to?

/Jens Axel

[1] pyffi/info.rkt at main · soegaard/pyffi · GitHub
[2] pyffi/main.yml at main · soegaard/pyffi · GitHub
[3] GitHub - soegaard/pyffi: Use Python from Racket

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The problem is that you've set the wrong path on the package server. You probably wanted to create a pyffi package which points to pyffi/pyffi at main · soegaard/pyffi · GitHub and a pyffi-lib package which points to pyffi/pyffi-lib at main · soegaard/pyffi · GitHub etc. You can see eg the asn1 packages as an example: asn1-lib


Thanks. I am glad, I asked. I hadn't even considered the mistake was on the package server.