Can we expand the text in the 'Welcome' post?

can I suggest an alternative text:

(I made this before I understood how discourse worked)


I went in and edited the heck out of it. I may, uh, have gone a bit too far. Please feel free to back out any or all of my edits, your picture is on the post but it's now fairly heavily written in my voice. Apologies if they're called for!

It is perfect!

I added a link to make it easy for people who prefer mailing lists to get the settings they need.


Can we change it to the default?

Users who have not signed in get the old one:

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Rats rats rats. I think the invite link is pinned to that post, so I just scraped the text of your/our post and slapped it on top of the existing (other) welcome message. I should create yet another new person to test this, but ... I'm not going to do that just exactly right now.

I think it is good now

Yes it is good - you can see it behind the onboarding: