Updating announcement and information -type posts


'Discourse tip'!

While it is appropriate to email changes for mailing list users, I'd encourage posters to also edit the original announcements to fix text or broken links to make it easier for those who find your post via the racket discourse via a link or search.

For example, the RacketCon post was edited when the dates changed: RacketCon 2023! - this saves the person reading all the replies to get the right information.

best regards.

Stephen :beetle:

PS: you may be able to see a little pencil in top-right to see edits.

Interestingly, I was allowed to edit the title of this post (I added a :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: emoji to the end). I don't have any mod or admin role on this site. Should this have been possible?

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Being a regular is enought to edit titles.