Create new Events category?

There are all sorts of Racket-y events going on: meet ups, livestreams, Racket-friendly conference calls for papers/participation (e.g., BOB, PLDI), not to mention more official things like RacketCon and the Racket Summer School. We currently have an Announcements category, but the purpose of that category is, mainly, to disseminate information about new Racket releases. We have a racketcon tag, but I wonder if tags are the best solution for what I have in mind. Thoughts?


Yes, it seems to me that if most events aren't supposed to be in the "Accouncements" category anymore (which I appreciate), a new "Events" category makes sense. As far as I can tell, none of the currently existing categories would cover events (unless you put them in "Uncategorized").

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"Events and calls for papers"?

How about the following text for an Events 'About' topic the

Racket-releated event announcements including meet-ups, competitions and Racket-friendly conference calls for papers/participation.

(0nly the first sentence appears when selecting category)

Would it be appropriate to change the About the Announcements category topic by removing...

  • Event announcements including RacketCon, RacketFest and meet-ups (14/year)

...from the text?

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