Dr Racket stepper from the interactions area

Using BSL,

Is it possible to run the stepper from the interaction area? So instead of evaluating the expression directly, DrRacket launch the Stepper just for that expression written in the prompt?

The idea is to "run" Dr Racket first so everything in the definition area is resolved: all the definitions and all the expressions. And only then I could write in the interaction area the single expression I'm really interested on step into.

Currently, If I run the stepper, it will step into all the expressions left behind in the definition area. It is really annoying for when you have many check-expect expressions.

Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks.

Well... you might be missing something, but the something that you're missing might be buggy and not quite what you want :blush: .

Specifically, there is a "jump to current expression" in the stepper that will jump forward in the stepper's evaluation to the point that you specify in the code.

However, I believe it does not work correctly for all expressions, and I think there's a significant gap between what's there and what would be most useful.

I should acknowledge that what you're describing is a bit different; to wit, you want to write the stepped-through expression in the interactions window, not in the definitions window. This sounds much more difficult to implement than just asking you to paste that expression into the bottom of the definitions window, highlighting it, and then jumping to it in the stepper.

Again, though, there are bugs. Also, discoverability is obviously poor.

Take a second and see what's there, and send me bug reports.

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I'm running Dr. Racket 8.6.

I can't find that option you mention: "jump to current expression".

The image shows what I see. You can notice I highlighted line 36, stepper is evaluating line 35. I can't find that option in the menus (inside file, edit, tab, help). And I don't think is neither of the visible buttons (or is it?)

If you widen the window, you'll see that the green "check" mark is the one you're looking for. This is clearly not the right icon.

I see thank you.

I disregarded it because when I tested it I received an error message that in hindsight it was actually pointing me to a "selected text" functionality.

Anyways, the error was : "No step taken in the highlighted region. Perhaps it's commented out?".

But... In the state I show in the previous picture (line 36 highlighted) that is the message I get.

So... disregarding my question and example: how is that button ("selected") supposed to be used?

Yes, I believe so, would you consider filing this as a bug report in the HtDP repo, including the test program?

Here's the URL: