Flatpaked Racket

Hi folks,

I have built a flakpak version of Racket, and I've put it on flathub. If you use any Linux distro, this is just another way to run your macro-powered Racket programs. Moreover, if you use an immutable Linux distro (e.g. Fedora Silverblue and openSUSE MicroOS desktop), I think a flakpaked Racket is quite handy as well.

On flathub : Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

The repo: GitHub - flathub/org.racket_lang.Racket

Edits: updated with the latest URLs of the flathub page and repo


In case some may wonder why the app id is DrRacket not Racket:

Originally the id was org.racket_lang.racket, but I felt that the entry point should be drracket so that flatpak run <our-flatpak-id> would have the same behavior as we would start the corresponding GUI app from the OS app launchers. Later a reviewer suggested that the id should better be org.racket_lang.drracket given the entry point was drracket. Therefore I changed it.

updates: The id is not changeable according to flathub people.

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I've created a new flatpak app on Flathub. The id is org.racket_lang.Racket, and the entry point is racket. When you run flatpak run org.racket_lang.Racket, you will see a familiar Racket repl. But you are still able to launch DrRacket through gnome activities or KRunner.

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