Installing Racket from package repositories


A problem new users sometimes run into is they install an old version of Racket (or minimal racket) from package repositories. (see Racket Packaging Status below)

I was reading about Helix Editor and I noticed that while the docs pointed to their official releases page, it included helpful guidance on how to install the latest release from a wide variety of package repositories:

We can do the same, and by we I mean you:grin:.
If you use Racket on another distribution please update the Installing Racket page on the Racket wiki with details on how to install (and update) Racket on your system:

If you can’t update the Racket wiki, please leave a reply here and I’ll update it on your behalf.

Best wishes


Racket Packaging Status

Note: The Repology list is incomplete - it does not include Flatpack/Flathub or Snap. (I don’t know why) but they both now have 8.7 available.

Packaging status


Added a Gentoo entry - Installing Racket · racket/racket Wiki · GitHub


Good news! :tada:

We now have Gentoo Linux (thank you @xgqt :racket_heart:), OpenSUSE & Ubuntu instructions at Installing Racket · racket/racket Wiki · GitHub

Can anyone help with:

  • Unix/Linux: Snap, FlatPack/hub, Void, Noir, Manjaro, GUIX, Kali, Devuan Unstable, Debian 12, Arch, Alpine. OpenBSD Ports, FreeBSD Ports, Funtoo, Fedora, LiGurOS, DPorts
  • Windows: Scoop & Chocolatey
  • macOS: Homebrew casks, MacPorts?

best regards,

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I've added a MacOS/homebrew entry; although I am not the author of the homebrew formula (by any means!) so I have just written what I do to install Racket as a cask.


Thanks @jamesgeddes !

We must do a London meet up after Racketfest!

(Are you going to Racketfest?)


A London meetup would be super! I wasn't planning to go to Berlin ... but perhaps I should investigate.

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