Flowchart that shows outsiders all the options in the racket ecosystem

I’d like to do a flowchart that shows outsiders all the options in the racket ecosystem!

Anyone interested in helping?

—some initial thoughts—-
Something - typed/racket
Something make an app or your own language
Making a DSL
Something typed Racket
Create gui, web service/backend, CLI app, bot, ?
Run in (x) compile to Linux,macOS, windows, rPi or (y) web browser
y: do you need. xxx? Or (b) javascript semantics with sane syntax?
xxx? RacketScript (need to find a way to express the value of RS in one or two questions)
(b) Urlang
(Add more here)
Something rosette
Something Qi
Something turnstile
Compile to VM -> Sham

(‘Something x’ is a placeholder for one or two questions the encapsulate the value of ‘x’)


racket/contract should be in there - it's super helpful.

The main problem I see is with getting a sense of what each of those does - unless you have in mind some outsiders who already know many of the features. That's not a bad thing per se, but if there was a way to highlight the value somehow, that'd be great.

Have you seen such a flowchart for other languages - an example would be great.

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I took a crack at this with a lucid chart . It's only the free trial so I maxed out my bubbles. Not familiar with a lot of these so if someone has a better question to ask in each section of the flowchart feel free to edit it.


I think for Qi, the real selling point is focusing on the flow of data (values), not the flow of control.
Programming with Qi has not been any more (or less) imperative than regular Racket.

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I really like this :star_struck: - can anyone else suggest more lines and boxes? ( I have run out of energy this week)