FUNARCH 2023: Functional Shell and Reusable Components for Easy GUIs

I'm excited to announce that I will present the paper @bogdan and I wrote at FUNARCH 2023! I'll be at the conference Friday for the presentation of our paper. If you happen to be there, please say hello!

I think the latter is Free Access, but I'm having trouble getting an Author-Izer link. If you can't access the paper, please let me know.


The video for this is up, at about 2:34 in:

Functional Shell and Reusable Components for Easy GUIs

(was shared on Discord)


That's 2:34:00! (There's some dithering around, a few audience interactions, etc., before the talk really gets going.)

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We've made the paper (Scribble) and slides (Slideshow) code available on GitHub: GitHub - benknoble/funarch-2023-gui-easy


I don’t seem to be able to edit the OP, but here’s the official FUNARCH video extracted from the livestream:


The FUNARCH 2023 site contains the extracted videos and links, as well: FUNARCH 2023

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