How to install the "drracket-cmdline-args" (and other) plugin?

I had no problem locating a reference to this plugin for DrRacket, which allows specifying arguments to a script when it is run from DrRacket, but I can find nothing on where to obtain the plugin and how to install it! Can anyone point me to the documentation for this? Thanks.

There are a lot of packages/libraries and it can be hard to find stuff sometimes.

I find the easiest way is to search against the docs, and failing that I use the package catalog

In this case I just searched for 'command line args' and got lucky. You can often just enter a word or two and what you need is normally not too far from the top. If that fails I try synonyms and other variations.

I think there's a second part to this question, which is how to actually install the packages that you found. When packages are in the main racket catalog (as this one is), you can install it within DrRacket using the File > Package Manage ... menu, or on the command-line using

raco pkg install drracket-cmdline-args
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