Importing in r6rs


how can i import a library in r6rs

i have this working in Racket :

(require "../Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket/main/Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket/src/array.rkt")

Welcome to DrRacket, version 8.12 [cs].
Language: r6rs, with debugging; memory limit: 8192 MB.
. import: ill-formed library reference in: ("../Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket/main/Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket/src/array.rkt")

Interactions disabled: r6rs does not support a REPL (no #%top-interaction)

in r6rs i can not find a way to import the module?

i find it is not possible to import a relative path, but i can not install my array.rkt module anyway