Is there a PB decompiler?

I'm hoping this doesn't have an obvious documented answer: is there a way to decompile PB (portable bytecode) files? I see that the pb implementation went in around 2020, with substantial additions earlier this year in order to support pb_chunk, but as far as I can tell there's no way to take a pb file and decode it into something approximating a sequence of instructions, is that correct?

Hmm, let's try @mflatt @LiberalArtist @adamperlin @pmatos @samth ?

That's right — there is not currently a decompiler. I think it would make sense to add pb support to the disassemble package. Meanwhile, you get get something like that output by setting PLT_LINKLET_SHOW_ASSEMBLY while compiling the code (but that's no help if you alread have .zo files).