TOML library with writer

Don't know how many of you are interested in TOML, but the Racket TOML library has been updated and is v1.0 compliant now. An eye is on the upcoming TOML v1.1 so that it shouldn't take too long to update it once the spec has been finalized.

The library also a very rudimentary feature to write out TOML. Would love feedback on people's preferred formatting, along with any other comments!


I have a mostly abandoned idea for a project to make a toml parser with #lang support. I suspect that would be fairly easy to add to yours if you're looking for ideas to enhance it.

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Do you have anything started, or was this just an idea?

Also, did you have plans to use the #lang in some other project?

A half written parser; kept getting distracted by other things before I could finish it.

Idea was that if the first line of the toml file is #lang toml, you'd be able to (require "foo.toml") to get its contents in a hash table named data or something (Intended to be used with rename-in or prefix-in to get a more appropriate name). Inspired a bit by the jsond package.