Langjam 17-19th of Feb 2023


JT’ of the @rust-lang / @nushell core team (and previously of the TypeScript core team) is running a ‘Lang Jam’. This is a weekend coding jam where teams or individuals create a programming language based on the theme for that jam.

He is running one this weekend from 17th of Feb at 9pm UK time.

The theme will be announced when the jam starts. You can visit the jam repo.

See GitHub - langjam/langjam for more details.

It would be great to see a Racket #lang amongst the entries! :grin:

Best regards

If you are interested in making a language is a great resource

With Racket you get

  • fast compiler for your language (Chez incremental compiler targets x86-64 and Arm architectures for Windows, linux and macOS (Arm or x86)) (you can also compile to Javascript with RacketScript)
  • REPL (not an interpreter - uses the compiler to make native code on the fly)
  • syntax of your choice - parsers mean you can have a c or Java like syntax, or you can design something else.
  • wide range of libraries for native gui, web, and more)
  • Seamlessly use the statically typed sibling Typed Racket