Local versus github links in scribble

local versus github links in scribble

defmodule and hyperlinks act differently when installing from github or locally.
I resolved the problem as follows:

@(define-for-syntax local #f)
@; set to #t when installing locally

@(define-syntax (nbhll stx)
   (syntax-case stx ()
     ((_ x y ...)
      (if local
        #'(nb (hyperlink x y ...))
        #'(nb (hyperlink (string-append "../../" x) y ...))))))

@(define-syntax (Defmodule stx)
   (if local
     #'(defmodule "some-file.rkt" #:packages ())
     #'(defmodule some-file/some-file #:packages ())))

(nb stands for non-breaking)
I guess there is a simpler method, may be a variable to be defined in an info file???

Can you elaborate more on what the problem is?

IIRC, someone said that the module path to defmodule should never be relative, so I am skeptical that (defmodule "some-file.rkt" #:packages ()) will work well.

I am almost certain that you need to use one of the command line options from:


But I am not sure which one.

I don’t personally do anything to make my scribblings (package documenation) behave differently for local vs other forms of installation. Even my GitHub Actions to deploy docs use the same files.

Well, I’ll stick to my two syntaxes. After making and testing all locally, the only thing I have to do when transferring my stuff to GITHUB, is to change variable local from #t to #f. Easy enough.