Logo to use for RacketCon videos?

Hi all,
I’ve volunteered to edit the videos for this year’s RacketCon. I’d like to use a lead-in logo at the beginning, the way it’s been in years past, for instance:

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Do we have a RacketCon 2021 logo? If we don’t already have one, would anyone be interested in taking a crack at creating one, in consultation with whoever may be the artistic maven for Racket (@jeapostrophe ? @spdegabrielle ?)?

If no one comes up with anything, I think I’ll probably use the SVG lambda logo from the Racket website, which is nice, but doesn’t provide additional context like mentioning e.g. “RacketCon” or “2021” or “eleventh”. A RacketCon-specific logo would be preferable to using this “anonymous lambda” :slight_smile:



There is not yet a logo. :slight_smile: I like that you are doing this. Thank you!


I lack the artistic skills but you should ask on the Racket discord here is the invite link Racket

Maybe use MetaPict? it can do text and it already has a racket logo asset
(cc @soegaard )

Ok, I’m not really on discord but I’ll ask there if you think it’s more likely to get a response. I created a placeholder logo but happy to sub in a better one if one comes along.

I’m sure your version will be great. I don’t want to slow you down.
Thank you for doing this.

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